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The company Achille Claudio was founded in 1968 by Achille Michele and immediately took the first steps in the civil and industrial sectors, starting in a short time a collaboration with an important company of the area. In 1984, the company, was re-organized by his son Achille Claudio who is still carrying on the family business together with his daughter Achille Giulia and coworkers.

Over the years the company has adopted a policy focused on the time and method optimization, and gained experience in manufacturing details of light industrial carpentry specializing in the construction of internal and external components of electric engines, being able to become highly competitive in the sector; nonetheless it remains available in accepting new projects regarding everything that concerns its work field, satisfying the client's requests.

Achille Claudio 6 years old in Achille Michele warehouse
Achille Giulia 6 years old in Achille Claudio warehouse
The staff at the beginning with Achille Michele and Achille Claudio
Achille Michele during the seventies working at Asgen company before changing the name into Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali SpA and Nidec Asi SpA

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Achille Claudio

Achille Claudio

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Achille Giulia

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Luca Brumat

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